Working out is better together. Studies show that those working out with a partner, exercise 200 percent longer than those doing it alone. 

FitMatch is an exciting Yelp-meets-Tinder social fitness app which makes connecting  with like minded fitness lovers easy, fast and fun. Whether you're on the go or around your neighborhood, FITMATCH connects you with fitness lovers in your area, who are both inside a nearby gym or engaging in outdoor activities.

Need a spotter, running partner or swimming buddy or morning workout friend? FitMatch has got you covered. Skipping a workout because you don’t have a friend or don’t know where your gym is are excuses of the past. Get together and get moving.

Using geolocation technology, FitMatch shows you information in real time about gyms, studios, fitness classes and outdoor training spots in your area, shared by fitness fans just like yourself. 

Match and chat with fellow fitness lovers based on activity, skill level, workout time preference and more, through customizable profiles. 

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  • Find nearest gyms from wherever you are in the world
  • Get live information on local gyms, studios and workout classes from fellow fitness lovers
  • Build customizable profiles based on your skill level, exercise interests, workout activity, time preference and more
  • Meet and chat with other exercise enthusiasts in your area based on similar interests
  • Customize your profile with a biography and your favorite pictures